How to Host a Living Room Concert

The most important thing to know:


A few photos from house shows around the world, hosted and attended by people just like you!

What & Where

It’s pretty self-explanatory — a concert in your living room! Or whatever space makes sense — your backyard, your office, a room in a local community center you have a secret key for.

There are often snacks, and people can bring things to share. It can even be a full-on potluck! But that’s not necessary.

The show itself can take many different formats, in terms of length and breaks. Often I’ve just played for an hour or so, but sometimes people prefer to have two 45-minutes sets with a break in the middle.


Typically it's a private event, and the audience consists of the host's friends and a few local fans — so, no random people off the street.


In general, the people who attend are encouraged to donate $10-15. I've had some hosts who feel awkward about having friends pay to come into their home, and they’ve opted to give me a flat $100 to cover the performance.


Any night of the week! While the hot nights for venues tend to be the weekends, a house show can be successful any night of the week, or even on a weekend afternoon. It’s up to you!

As for when in the year, contact me and we’ll figure out when I can come to you. No matter where in the world you live, I want to play a show in your home! Oregon? Easy! Hawaii? Great! Canada? Sure! Japan? Yes! Poland? You bet! Australia? Fantastic! (Notice a pattern?)

Feel free to ask me any questions!

I’m happy to answer — even if you’re just curious about hosting.

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