More than being a skilled pianist with an astounding knack for wordplay, Stephan captivates with their effortlessly genuine and infinitely warmhearted nature.

Erika Balint, Low-Fi Concerts (Copenhagen)

Nance's songs are an avenue to express things that bother [them]… [They're] a thoughtful, complicated person, and [their] piano-based songs reflect this.

Serena Markstrom, The Register-Guard

Stephan Nance is an extremely unique breath of fresh air… One of Oregon’s greatest kept secrets, [they blend] the perfect element of charming piano and a voice that can truly stand on its own. Stephan could very well be the lovechild of Jukebox the Ghost and The Decemberists, which is truly a compliment.

Jane Lambert, Modern Mystery

Reminiscent of the early days of Ben Folds, this young American songwriter has garnered a lot of attention with [their] quirky, upbeat piano ballads… Highly recommended.

Daniel Orstrander, Nagmag (Nagoya, Japan)

There is more than just the red hair in common with the likes of Kate Nash, Regina Spektor, and Lenka. These tracks, consistent with Stephan’s sound, contain large amounts of genuine wonderings on top of layers of upbeat melancholy and optimism. Oh, and much enjoyed quirky energy.

Samuel Lora, Examiner

[Their] voice is not the voice of a generation or the majority, but [their] upbeat, quirky piano pop deals in fun, the environment and optimism.

Rex Duffy, The Guardian

The Oregon native totally accepts [their] awkwardness and turns it into a very captivating trait.  Maybe it is just the piano but I do get hints of Ben Folds when I listen to Stephan.  [They are] not afraid to make fun of [themself] or make corny jokes to amuse the listener… Stephan Nance has a hit album on [their] hands in A Troubled Piece Of Fruit.

Indie Band Guru



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Writer refers to paper Stephan presented at Lavender Linguistics Conference in 2011, and mistakenly states that Russian gay slang is called goluboy (when in fact goluboy is just Russian slang for gay).

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