Rain falls down, 
And the rain compresses all the sounds into the ground. 
When the clutter goes away like this, 
The silence can be found. 

A silent color guard routine
Flows forth from the flowers as they sing. 
Do you see? 
The stamina are heavy, 
But the filaments are glistening. 
And this is why we need the rain. 

The raindrops falling on my head must remain, 
Because the leaves and debris are clogging up the drain to my brain — 
But a creek can carve a canyon, 
So I’m counting on a clean cut to christen me. 
I need the rain. 

Do you ever wonder why the rain was invented? 
Was it to put puddles where the streets have been dented, 
So we’ll have a place to play
When we’ve had a lousy day? 

Nah, it was probably to melt the snow. 
Nah, it was probably to help the rivers flow. 
Nah, it was probably to soak the seeds we sow. 
Nah, it was probably to make the wild things grow. 
Nah, it was probably to give us all a show. 
Nah, it was probably to sooth the winds that blow. 
Nah, it was probably to let us know
There’s something out there even when were all alone
And if we listen real close
We can maybe hear the tapping of its toes… 

I had lost myself, but I came back around. 
And I memorized the map before it seeped into the ground. 

I need the rain.